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Ikaros is the first ever sublabel to Hybris. Ikaros aims for the best yet undiscovered talent from Scandinavia. Run by women only.

A new Ikaros is born

  • First ever sublabel to HYBRIS
  • Founded in March, 2013
  • Based in Copenhagen & Stockholm
  • Pop, dance, excellence

Many years ago, a little boy filled with hybris, threw himself out from a hill in ancient Greece.

It was an attempt to escape his everyday life, to fly away from the dull prison of boredom that every human being deals with. He reached for something else, something greater. He reached for the Sun. His name was Ikaros.

A few years later, a record label named Hybris was introduced to the world by releasing albums with artists like El Perro Del Mar, Korallreven, Jonathan Johansson, Noonie Bao, FAYE and others. The gods were amazed. March 21st, 2013, a new era began: A new Ikaros was born.

Reincarnated as a girl, her wings are brighter and wider — and her heart beats stronger than ever before. Again, Ikaros will reach for the stars. But this time, she will triumph.

Try your luck at Ikaros

We're always interested in new contacts and talented people. Throw your demo our way and hopefully we can do great things together.

I'm feeling lucky!

Who run the world?

Charlotte Ahlström
CO-founder and Label Manager

Mariah Strengnell
Label Manager

Jessica Backsell
PR & Promotion

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